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Software for Teaching and Research

Virtualization is the process of abstracting the operating system software from the physical machine on which it runs. This enables us to run multiple servers on a single physical host, sharing the resources more efficiently to reduce the power and cooling costs associated with a traditional data center.

Virtualization also empowers customers to scale their operations with ease. Adding a new test environment or expanding the production service to new servers is considerably faster when compared to traditional hardware deployments.

We currently offer two kinds of virtualizations at Poole College of Management

VCL is available to users for projects that require:

  • NCSU’s on-demand computing services
  • Computer reservation as a service
  • Image creation and deployment
  • Guaranteed system environment
  • Use of any of the many images that are already available (SAS, Matlab etc.)

The Virtual Computing Lab allows data scientists to deploy numerous images of data science software on virtual machines. Reservations can be made to access Windows or Linux machines for running software. The virtual machines give guarantees about the system environment and facilitate increased productivity by simplifying the user’s workflow.

For a comprehensive overview of the VCL environment please visit

Here are some of the virtualizations available on VCL at the Poole College of Management:

AppStream is an AWS Service that can be configured for Application Streaming or delivery of Virtual Desktops. The application settings remain persistent between user sessions. By using cloud-based virtual desktops and application streaming services, every student can access the same application on any device.

AWS AppStream 2.0 does not utilize any local resources, the applications are browser based. You can connect to AppStream 2.0 from any location by using an HTML5-capable web browser. Supported browsers include the following:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or later

Here is an example of PowerBI running on AWS AppStream on the web browser.

Below is a list of software currently utilized in various courses and for research purposes. If there is a software you do not see on this list and would like to have available for your course or research purposes (new or existing) please fill out this software request form.

* Please note the above forms are to request for software virtualization (on AWS or VCL) for teaching or research purpose only. If you would like to request software on your personal device please create a Service Now ticket or visit the IT Helpdesk.

SoftwareEnvironmentIs there a desktop version available on OS
Microsoft ProjectVCLWindows-Yes
Microsoft VisioVCLWindows-Yes
Microsoft PowerBI DesktopAWSWindows-Yes
Tableau PublicAWSWindows-Yes
Oracle Crystal BallAWSWindows-Yes
Palisade Decision ToolsAWSWindows-Yes
SAS AWSWindows-Yes
Alteryx AWSWindows-Yes
Microsoft AccessVCLWindows-Yes
R & RStudioVCLWindows-Yes
Anaconda & Jupyter NotebookVCLWindows-Yes
MySQL & MySQL WorkbenchVCLWindows-Yes