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Zoom Room Carts

The IT Service Desk at Poole has built two mobile Zoom Room carts that offer enhanced audio and video conferencing capabilities and wireless content sharing. These carts are perfect for use in areas with limited conferencing options or for additional small classroom/group project meetings.

Brief Intro:

Zoom Room accommodates in-room and remote attendees from their computer or mobile device. Each cart has a 70″ screen, a mini computer running Windows 11, an HD web camera, two external speakers with built-in microphones, an iPad for Zoom room control, and an external remote for controlling sound and camera zoom.


  1. We will have one of the Zoom room carts in the Hillsborough building on the 2nd floor (primarily for the old SCRC conference space).

    The IT team at Poole offers technical assistance (and training) and proactive performance monitoring, with the ability to remotely make online repairs to the carts. These carts are the first of their kind on NC State’s campus. Despite being wheeled carts, they provide us with the flexibility and cost savings required to upgrade outdated spaces with some of the most cutting-edge technology, creating dynamic conference and learning environments for the faculty and staff at Poole College.

This page is divided into 2 sections:

  1. Zoom Cart Basics
  2. Video Tutorials

Zoom Cart Basics


  1. Interface:
    An iPad will be used to control the zoom cart.
  2. Microphones:
    One of the important peripherals attached to this cart is a pair of microphones that you can use to put in the front of your classroom, that will pick up any sound.

Turning the Cart On

  1. If the iPad says cannot connect to zoom rooms and there is no display/no signal, most likely the computer is off.
  2. Make sure that everything is plugged in.
  3. Behind the zoom cart, there is a PC that has to be switched on. You would be able to find a sticker that says “Turn on PC here”.
  4. Hit the power button and give it a few minutes for zoom to begin.

Main Menu

  1. Meet Now:
    When you hit meet now and then the meet now button again, you will create a new meeting that others can join.
  2. Meeting List:
    You will be able to see all meetings that have been scheduled.
  3. Join:
    You will be able to enter the meeting ID of another meeting that you would like to join.
  4. Presentation:
    This feature uses the zoom cart to present locally via the TV.
    Desktop: Once you hit desktop, you will receive instructions on how to share using your desktop
    iPhone/iPad: You will be given a set of instructions on how to share using screen mirroring or airplay.
  5. Phone:
    If you dial a phone number, you will be able to use the zoom cart to have a conversation with another person.

Meeting Controls

Once you hit meet now, the camera turns on and is displayed on the main display.

  1. Share Content on Camera:
    You will be able to share using either the zoom app or the browser from either your laptop, iPhone or iPad.
    You will not be able to share your camera with others outside of the room, until you hit share camera and hit done.
  2. Security:
    You will be able to lock or unlock the meeting.
    Enable the waiting room.
    You can allow participants to rename themselves, chat, and share screen.
  3. Change View:
    You will be able to see the three view options available on the desktop: speaker, thumbnail, or gallery.
  4. Camera Control:
    The camera can zoom, pan, tilt, etc. You can find the camera angle that best suits you, and the content you’d like to share.
  5. Manage Participants:
    You will be able to invite people to your meeting if you need to invite additional people.
  6. Start Recording:
    If you want to record, you can hit start recording.
  7. Chat:
    Regular chat feature available on zoom.

Video Tutorials

  1. Introduction to Zoom Carts
  2. Zoom Cart – Main menu
  3. Turning on the Zoom Cart
  4. Zoom Cart – Meeting Controls