• The Poole IT team manages access and fully supports ALL Shared college-provided (purchased or leased) printers and multi-function devices.
    Here is a list of Shared College Provided Multifunction Printer/Copiers (MFPs) Sharp BP-70C31 and locations.
  • All of the Sharp MFPs support a range of capabilities listed here:
    • Monochrome printing and color printing
    • Automatic feeder tray for scanning and copying
    • Printing up to 30/65 pages per minute (ppm)
    • Finishing features include online- and offline stapling; the inner folding unit option offers a variety of fold patterns, including tri-fold, z-fold, and others. 
      PLEASE NOTE: currently, the finishing options are only available directly at the MFPs through the COPY feature.
    • Built-in walk-up motion sensor automatically detects approaching users and immediately wakes the machine, ready for use within seconds. 
    • The email connect feature enables seamless scan-to-email integration with Gmail. 
    • Scan speeds up to 280 images per minute with a High 300-sheet duplexing single-pass feeder tray capacity. 
    • Scan modes Scan-to-eMail (Scan-to-Me); Scan-to-SMB (Scan-to-Home);
    • Enhanced touchscreen with a built-in retractable keyboard.

  • Scan and Copy (utilizing the finishing options- stapling/collating)

    To perform scan/copy operations:
    • At the Sharp printer, place an unstapled copy of your document on the document tray that can be found at the top of the printer.
    • Enter your departmental copy code at the printer’s touchscreen (departmental copy codes have been provided at each of the Sharp MFPs).
    • Once you enter the code, select OK.
    • You should now be able to see options to scan and copy. Follow on screen prompts to make select your scan/copy options.