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Standard Operating Procedure: Computer Replacement Program

Background & Scope

The Poole Computer Replacement Program (CRP) provides a streamlined process for purchasing computers for Poole College of Management faculty and staff. The program’s primary goals are to provide a regular replacement cycle for faculty and staff computers and to streamline the processes associated with troubleshooting and maintaining outdated or out-of-warranty equipment and non-standard hardware. 

Program Information

  • All computer purchases must be processed through the Poole IT department using the Poole IT budget.
  • Laptops may be replaced every 4 years, and desktops every 5 years.
  • Computers will be replaced by a device based on the standard configurations available at the replacement time unless the recipient requires a change due to changes in their work.  The Associate Dean will make final decisions for computers for Faculty and Research in conjunction with the Director of IT and the Department Head or Unit Lead.
  • When a new CRP computer is issued, old, replaced computers must be turned in to Poole IT.
    • These machines may be re-imaged and re-purposed as support for research equipment, digital signage/kiosk systems, and unfunded student/grad student computing needs (low-level support only).  CRP computers that are not returned will not be authorized for use. Poole, IT will utilize NC State device management tools to lock down these systems, prohibiting them from logging in and accessing networking resources and NC State University IT services until they are returned.
  • Computer Model Configurations will be selected by the Director of IT in consultation with the Poole Technology and Advisory Committee and will be reviewed and updated regularly. 
  • Computers may not be purchased for personal use through this policy.
  • Computer upgrades/replacements will happen twice a year. Faculty and staff will receive e-mail notifications from the Director of IT when they are eligible for an upgrade. Notifications will be sent out once in the fall and once in the spring semesters. This communication will begin the process of faculty/staff selecting their new computers and allow the IT team to place bulk orders, reducing costs.

Computer Model Configurations

CRP purchases are limited to the following models in three categories:  

General Use (suitable for most faculty and staff)

  • Laptop
    • Dell Latitude 5530 (Core i5/16GB/512SSD ) 4Yr Warranty w/Accidental care
    • Lenovo T14S Gen2 (Core i5/16GB/512SSD) 4Yr Warranty w/Accidental care
    • Microsoft Surface Pro (Core i5/16GB/512SSD) 4Yr Warranty w/Accidental care
    • Apple MacBook Air 13” (M2 8-core/16GB/512SSD) 4Yr AppleCare Plus
    • Apple MacBook Air 15″ (M2 8-core/16GB/512SSD ) 4Yr AppleCare Plus
  • Desktop
    • Mac Mini (M2 8-core CPU/10 core GPU/16GB/1TB-SSD) 4Yr AppleCare Plus
    • Lenovo ThinkStation P350-SFF (Core i5/16GB/1TB-SSD) 4 Yr Warranty w/Accidental damage

High Performance (suitable for faculty engaging in very high CPU and data-intensive applications)

  • Laptop
    • Lenovo – ThinkPad P1 Gen 4 (Core i7/32GB/1TB) 4Yr Warranty w/Accidental damage 
    • Apple MacBook Pro 14” (M2 Pro 16-Core GPU/32GB /2TB) 4Yr AppleCare Plus
  • Desktop
    • Lenovo ThinkStation P620 Tower- Ryzen ThreadRipper Pro 3995WX (4.1Ghz/32GB/3TB)
    • Mac Studio (M2 Max 12-Core CPU /30-core GPU/64GB/1TB)4Yr AppleCare Plus

Video Editing (suitable for faculty and staff engaging in heavy video editing)

  • Laptop
    • Dell Precision 3561 (touch screen) (Core i7/32gb/2TB)
    • Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 10 (Core i7/32GB/2TB)
    • Apple MacBook Pro 14” (M2 Pro 16-Core GPU/32GB /2TB) 4Yr AppleCare Plus
  • Desktop
    • Lenovo ThinkStation P620 Tower- Ryzen ThreadRipper Pro 3945WX (4Ghz/32GB/2TB)
    • Apple Mac Studio (M2 Max 12-Core CPU/ 30- Core GPU/ 64GB/2TB) 4Yr AppleCare Plus

Monitors, Keyboards, etc.

Typically, the college will provide faculty and staff with an ultrawide 34” monitor.  The college will also offer updated keyboards, mice, and trackpads as needed.


If a user wishes to discuss the possibility of a configuration not described above, they should request an exception.  Exceptions will be granted only with the approval of the Director of IT, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, and Department Head. 

  • For faculty seeking performance specifications above and beyond the “High Performance” machines listed above, the IT Team will first establish that cloud computing options are not a viable alternative.  Example: High-Performance Computing Cluster, Appstream, Virtual Computing. 
  • The college can only purchase computers from supported vendors (Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Pogo Linux). 
  • CRP (Poole IT budget) will contribute to the cost of the equivalent standard model; the additional amount will need to be supported by the department.
  • Exception Form (which creates a Service Now ticket) must be submitted by the staff or faculty member’s direct manager/department head.  

*Approvals will need to be provided by the Director of IT and Associate Dean of  Faculty and Research before the order is placed.